Los Angeles Downtown 에 추진중인 미식축구경기장 Farmers Field 가 개발사인 AEG의 약속과는 달리 '친환경' 적인 성격을 많이 잃어버릴 위험에 처했다는 칼럼내용입니다. 장사하는 사람들의 약속을 덜컥 믿고 편의를 보아준 LA 시 의회나 California 주 의회만 바보가 될 위기에 처했죠. 이래서 특혜는 논란거리를 낳는 법입니다. 

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Farmers Field 의 EIR에 대한 Public Comment 기간이 연장될 것 같다는 보도입니다.

기사중에 주민들이 우려하는 내용을 잘 정리한 내용이 들어있네요. 다음과 같은 부분입니다. 

From Skid Row, south Park and the historic core of downtown, more than a dozen Angelenos stood to tell city officials that the environmental impact report drafted by AEG underestimates the gentrification Farmers Field will bring to their neighborhoods. Those affiliated with the Los Angeles Community Action Network wore orange T-shirts and stickers reading “Play Fair at Farmers Field.”

Low-income resident Debra Burton said she fears being displaced. Like James, she argued that the environmental review fails to explain why AEG expects up to 20 percent of fans to leave their cars at home.

“They don’t have proof of that,” Burton told city planners. “It don’t reflect the experience of stadiums, the Staples center or any other football stadium in the country. Even where the transit system is much better than Los Angeles.“

That point was echoed by Natural Resources Defense Council lawyer David Pettit. He took part in the negotiations around SB 292, a state law that has given Farmers Field an expedited judicial review. Pettit said AEG made that law possible by promising to encourage people to use mass transit and bicycles to get to games.

“The other thing they promised is that the entire project including the stadium would be carbon neutral,” Pettit said. “I was disappointed to see that there was no analysis, zero, of any of the measures they might take to reach either of these goals."

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오랜만의 포스팅입니다. 

Los Angeles Downtown 에 건설예정중인 미식축구구장 Farmers Field의 EIR (Environmental Impact Report / 환경영향평가) 마침내 제출되었습니다. 전문은

에서 찾아보실 수 있습니다. 단, 엄청나게 두꺼운 자료입니다.

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