LA 시 의회는 할
리우드의 재개발을 염두에 둔 새로운 조닝 가이드라인을 통과시켰습니다. 주요사항을 조금 보자면, 

  • New zoning guidelines approved this month by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission will make it easier for developers to build bigger and taller buildings in many parts of Hollywood, often with extra incentives for placing them near bus and subway stops.

    But as the zoning changes head toward final City Council approval, some residents are fighting back. They contend that the new plan is based on inaccurate projections of population growth and future demand for new housing, retail and other development. And they worry that the new construction would increase traffic in an area already plagued with congestion.  

    공영방송인 NPR의 Pat Morrison 이라는 프로그램에 양측 인사들이 나와서 뜨거운 토론을 벌였습니다. 그 링크는 에 있습니다. 
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