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  1. 2012.07.18 도시의 브랜드 이미지 - from the Atlantic

지난번 포스팅에 이어 도시의 이미지에 대한 포스팅을 또 하게 되었네요. 이번에는 미국 유력잡지 중 하나인 The Atlantic 에 나온 내용입니다. 


제가 사는 LA에 대해서는 이런 내용이 있네요. 

L.A.: adj.
1. Glitzy, glamorous, opulent
2. Dirty, dangerous, dingy
3. Weird
4. A less-European synonym for cool

Los Angeles is just as much characterised by contrasts as Berlin is, but is an entirely different beast in itself. When one thinks of L.A., two things come to mind: sprawling suburbia and ubiquitous celebrity. The metropolitan area extends across a space larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, and all of the Palestinian territories combined, and is mostly covered in stock suburban neighbourhoods engaged in the stereotypical suburban lifestyle. The few areas that are not completely suburban or completely urban are the playgrounds of the city’s affluent residents. All of this, of course, occurs under the setting of the heavily-romanticised but locally-despised palm trees. Saying that something has an ‘L.A. feel’ gives the place a lot of baggage: it is at once repulsive and alluring, off-putting and inviting, and ultimately a slightly more weird flavour of cool than Berlin.

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