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예전 포스팅 2010/11/18 - [도시계획 Urban Planning/Economic Development] - Los Angeles Downtown의 NFL 경기장 신축계획 에서 언급했던 NFL 스타디움 건축 설계안이 나왔습니다. LA Times 기사로 소개되었는데요. 기사 원문은 http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-stadium-design-20101216,0,3557444.story 에 있습니다. 위치는 정말 Staple Center 바로 옆이네요. 

눈길을 끄는 부분만 발췌해 보겠습니다. 

The Gensler design, while doubtless the strongest and most fully developed of the three, with elegant trusses supporting a roof covered in lightweight, translucent foil panels, has the same placeless, generic quality that marks Staples Center and L.A. Live.

To a large extent, the lack of architectural ambition evident in the designs comes as little surprise. Anyone who has spent much time downtown knows AEG is hardly a patron of innovative architecture.

The proposals for the stadium — which will be squeezed between Staples Center and the L.A. Convention Center, and require some convention facilities to be rebuilt, presumably on AEG's dime, along Pico Boulevard — fall short on more than just aesthetic grounds. They are also fairly timid in their thinking about the future of downtown.

Rather than tapping into that kind of design talent, AEG, in collaboration with the project management firm Icon Venue Group, solicited designs in a narrow architectural range, from firms that tend to produce stadiums indistinguishable from the work of their closest competitors. In addition to the three shortlisted firms, AEG considered designs from AECOM Ellerbe Becket; 360 Architecture; NBBJ; Manica Architecture; and Rossetti Architects. With the possible exception of Manica, which is developing stadiums in China and elsewhere, none could reasonably have been expected to push AEG to raise its level of design ambition significantly.

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